When considering search engine marketing, Ottawa is full of options. Yet, placing your search engine marketing, efforts in the right hands is vital. Through experience and constant research, we have built a strong reputation. Simply put, our SEM team knows how to drive clients to your site at the right price. We will target your specific market, so that you can reap the benefits of our research.

With so many options for paid advertising on the web, which ones are right for your business? and how much should you be paying for these “clicks” or “visits” to your website?

Far too many businesses invest large sums into advertising on Google Adwords and social media sites like Facebook without knowing the average “click through rate ” (CTR) or average cost per click (CPC) resulting in high costs and poor results.

Why pay an SEM professional a percentage of your advertising budget when Phi Motion Inc will simply charge a set fee for managing your campaigns regardless of your marketing budget.  Avoid those old commission structures that don’t perform and remember SEM pro’s are not your sales agents!  Put that money back into your campaigns and only those campaigns that work for your business.

Millions of people use the Internet daily. Thousands of those people are searching for the service or product that you offer. You need to know how to gain the attention of all those Internet users.  Search engine marketing Ottawa (SEM) is what we do best.

Finding out who is buying your product is a good start. But this alone is not enough. Understanding where your clients are located, why people buy your products, and which products sell best is the key to search engine marketing success. When combined with tried and strong SEO tactics, the result is increased traffic and increased conversions.

Every search engine marketing strategy we create is unique to your business. All the data that we gather is precisely for you.

Let us save you money and provide a greater return on investment with your search engine marketing budget.

Contact us to discuss your search engine marketing strategy today!