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Jypemedia is a full service Ottawa SEO company offering web development, website maintenance and search engine marketing for companies in Ottawa and the GTA.

We have seen a dramatic drop in PC sales since 2011 and huge increase in SmartPhone usage that it is now more important than ever to ensure that your website and content can be easily read on SmartPhone devices.

Why waste money on the development of an APP when an intelligent responsive website can provide a fully functional website that adjusts it layout based on the device of your visitor.

Ottawa seo company

If you’re looking for a Ottawa SEO company that can rank your website to attract new clients and leads as well as develop a website that is optimized for the latest SmartPhone devices like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones then Phi Motion Inc is the solution.

We are experts in both fields and can provide full on going support so you can be assured that you will be receiving an honest service using only white hat SEO techniques and modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding practices.

Contact us today for a quote on revamping your old website to a new WordPress Responsive website from one of the best Ottawa SEO companies in the GTA.


Google Penguin 4 Update

Google has just released the latest update to their spam-fighting algorithm.

If your site has suddenly dropped index positions for certain keywords since May 22nd 2013, contact us and we will review your website to identify possible causes and solutions to clean help restore your site and it’s reputation with Google.

Google Penguin and Google Panda

SEO Whitby

Expert SEO services in Whitby.

We develop dedicated fast ranking sites for all Whitby businesses.  There is no point just having a website which doesn’t generate leads for your business.  Your website should also rank well in the search engines for Whitby services.  A website that is optimized for SEO Whitby related search terms can make a major difference.

Get a highly ranked SEO Whitby website that focuses on the Whitby market at low cost!

Our SEO Whitby services include consultation, WordPress Theme customization, WordPress installation, hosting options, keyword research, search engine submissions, directory submission, link building, monitoring and support.

We pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with our customers and would be happy to offer you a FREE consultation today.

Cheap SEO Ottawa Scam Companies

Affordable SEO Ottawa and Cheap SEO Ottawa companies sound very tempting but are they legitimate?

Much has been written on the subject.  Just search Scam SEO companies and read some of the many articles you find.  SCAM SEO COMPANIES ARE ON THE UP!

It is very easy for Scam firms or overseas SEO companies to set up a website with images and text claiming to be Canadian.  They may even use stock photos purchased from sites like or as Social Network profile images which may dupe some potential customers into believing that the person in the image will be the person they are doing business with.  This may also apply to any type of business that find via search engines.

Other articles on the subject:

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scam seo Ottawa

This is a stock photo available for purchase on You can even use it on your own website.

Rank Fast! Low Cost! Top of Google in 3 months! Most Competitive Keywords! Easy Sign up!


That old saying…

If it sounds too good it probably is…!

Don’t get fooled by these quick sales tactics.  Ranking a business on the web can vary in time and cost depending on many factors.  It may take 3 months to 12 months to get top placements for certain keywords but this can be only known after a SEO professional has reviewed your existing website (coding, SEO structure, linking), competition analysis, keyword research, webmaster tools reports, analytics data.  If you see a promise to rank your site for the most competitive keywords within 3 months, it may be just sales talk to get your hard money into their hands.  If someone said they could make you a millionaire within 3 months for just $150 would you believe them?   Don’t part with your money until your site has been professionally reviewed and a SEO contract has been offered by a local registered SEO company.  Low cost firms may simply be using a software to add multiple low quality links on blog comments.  These websites may not even be related to your business or keywords so they will eventually be disregarded or seen as spam links by the searches.


Immediate Payment on Purchase – OUCH!

Links to PayPal checkouts to purchase a service is not how a professional SEO or web developer does business.  We won’t ask you for payment prior to discussing and evaluating your business and website.  A custom SEO proposal and SEO contract is then offered with several options based on your goals and budget.  All payment options are available including cheque, local bank deposits or in some cases face to face.


Registered Local Business (CRA and Industry Canada)

A true Canadian or SEO Ottawa company will be registered with the CRA and/or Industry   Canada.  You can verify these details with the director and your invoicing. They will also have a physical local address and may be able to attend a local meeting. (Phi Motion Inc is a trading name of Phi Motion Inc and is a Canadian Federal Registered Company).


Top 12 Tactics of Scam Web developer & Scam SEO Ottawa Companies :

  1. Rank a SEO Company webiste for Local SEO Terms
  2. May use a bogus Google Profile using a Stock photo
  3. No local physical address
  4. Not able to attend local meetings
  5. Under priced or Overpriced Services
  6. Guaranteed Ranking in XX Time
  7. Not a registered company in Canada
  8. Does not have a Canadian GST/HST number as registered with the CRA
  9. No SEO or Web Developer Contract provided clearly stating terms and local physical address which you can check.
  10. No Canadian companies that you can ask for reference
  11. Pre-made packages with Quick Pay Online via PayPal or other immediate payment services. (pay first, talk later)
  12. Use software to submit multiple links to your website which may work in the short terms but will eventually be ignored by the search engines or even seen as spam links.


SEO Ottawa Company – The Real Deal!

There may be some good low cost SEO companies to do business with in Ottawa and GTA or your local city.  If you think you have found a good deal but are not sure whether to proceed, call us and we will be happy to provide you with some tips on how to check they are legitimate and what you should ask for in your contract to protect yourself.  We can even give you our own competitive estimate so you know what a legitimate company would charge for affordable SEO Ottawa services.

TRY them FIRST then call us after 6 months

If you enlisted the services of such a company and got fast results only to find that after 6-9 months you no longer find yourself on page 1.  Call us and we will be happy to help you clean up your sites reputation and provide a professional SEO service that is not dependant on 1000’s of low quality links.


Other Interesting SCAM SEO articles: – SEO SCAMS – 12 Warning Signs

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* Disclaimer – Please note, the content of this article is not related to any specific company and serves only to educate the reader that further questions should be asked when searching for an SEO company to do business with.  Readers are encouraged to read other articles on the subject of SCAM SEO and speak to several companies for more information on SEO.   We would even say, Try another company’s services first and if it doesn’t work out as you hoped – call us.  We will be happy to help you.